Bridging the digital gender divide: include upskill innovate

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Bridging the digital gender divide: include upskill innovate
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Borgonovi Francesca
Centurelli Raffaella
Dernis Hélène
Grundke Robert
Horvát Peter
Jamet Stéphanie
Keese Mark
Liebender Anna-Sophie
Marcolin Luca
Rosenfeld David
Squicciarini Mariagrazia
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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
digital divide
digital technologies
digital transition
gender and inequality
Gender politics
Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right. It is also a keystone of a prosperous, modern economy that provides sustainable inclusive growth. Recognising that gender equality is essential for ensuring that men and women can contribute fully for the betterment of societies and economies at large, G20 Leaders first committed to “women’s full economic and social participation” in Los Cabos in 2012. Today the digital transformation provides new avenues for the economic empowerment of women and can contribute to greater gender equality. The Internet, digital platforms, mobile phones and digital financial services offer “leapfrog” opportunities for all and can help bridge the divide by giving women the possibility to earn additional income, increase their employment opportunities, and access knowledge and general information. We need to seize this opportunity to foster greater gender equality in the labour market, boost economic growth and build a more inclusive, digital world. The digital gender divide needs to be resolved. There is no reason for women to trail behind in the digital transformation. The cost of inaction is high and in the face of sluggish growth, ageing societies and increasing educational attainment of young women, the economic case for digital gender equality is clear. Bridging the gender divide, also in the digital world, can provide new sources of global economic growth, support the
implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and help achieve the G20 goal of strong, sustainable and inclusive growth.