Library of the Institute of National Foreign Service (ISEN) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MREC)

The Library ISEN-MREC not only houses a historical collection of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also offers access to key information which serves the purpose of assisting the process of decision making of the high echelons of the Ministry and the teaching and research projects of the ISEN. Such access extends to the whole community of users that require information related to international relations or similar subjects.

The Library offers an archive specialised in international law, diplomacy, history and national culture. The collection is made up of private donations, official purchases both inland and abroad, exchanges, and through programs of cooperation. It is comprised of books, continuous resources (monographic series, journals, web resources), brochures, theses, and more. The estimated total of the archive is around 150.000 works.

The Library offers its services throughout the whole year (except for official holidays). The main activities are focused on the selective dissemination of information through the publication of specialised bibliographies, the editing of the newsletter, the lending of material both on-site and between libraries and the digitalisation of texts for internal users.

For further information, please visit the official webpage.