Announcement of the selection of six events for co-financing in 2018

The EU-LAC Foundation announces the selection of the following six events for co-financing in 2018, after a competitive selection process, based on a call in which a total of 107 proposals were received.

1. "Nation- States, History and Universities. What history is taught in the universities of Latin America and the European Union and what histories should be encouraged?", organised by a consortium consiting of the Universidad de Alcalá of Spain and Universidad Autónoma de Chile, and scheduled for May 11 in Alcalá de Henares / Madrid.

2. "The EU-CELAC Agenda in times of global inter-regionalism: A vision from the academy", presented by the CIDOB of Spain and the Universidad de La Habana in Cuba, scheduled for May 23 in Barcelona.

3. "Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development, rethinking the Europe-America relationship in a world of disruption", organised by the Universidad de los Andes of Colombia and CERALE-ESCP Europe of France, which will take place on May 30 in Cartagena, Colombia.

4. "European-Latin American Relations in an uncertain world", proposed by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste of Spain and the SEGIB, which will take place in June in Cáceres, Spain.

5. "Local alliances for global challenges", organised by a consortium made up of the Euro-Latin American Alliance of Cooperation among Cities (AL-LAs), Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, which is planned for the month July in Madrid (date to be defined).

6. "Crisis of Gobernability? The politics of Migration governance in Latin America and Europe", to be organized by a consortium comprised by the Center for Migration Policy of the European University Institute (EIU), the Regional Office for Latin America of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the University of Lanús of Argentina. It is scheduled for October 3-4 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The co-financing provided is derived from the funding provided by the European Union and Germany to the EU-LAC Foundation.

The Foundation thanks all the institutions that participated in the Call for Proposals, regretting that other proposals of great value and merit could not be financed.