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Strategic Partners

The EU-LAC Foundation can establish a limited number of Strategic Partnerships with relevant actors from its Member Countries. The Strategic Partners have a specific field of action relevant to the bi-regional partnership in which they develop their activities. The Strategic Partners’ role is to dynamise, coordinate and, in a non-exclusive way, take a leading role in executing activities related to their field of expertise.

The EU-LAC Foundation has four Strategic Partners from both regions:

FUNGLODEThe Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
It takes a leading role in the field of "Climate Change and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Caribbean Region".


IdAThe Institut des Amériques, Paris, France. 
It takes a leading role in the field of “Intellectual exchanges concerning regional integration dynamics in the globalization context”.


Regione Lombardia

Regione Lombardia,  Italy. 
It takes a leading role in the field of “Partnership among small and medium sized companies with a special focus on innovation, research and technology transfer”.



The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Santiago de Chile, Chile.
It takes a leading role in the field of "Investment, employment, and income distribution".


In addition to its strategic partners, the Foundation has a number of cooperation partners in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe:

 -  Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)


 - European Council of social research of Latin America (CEISAL)


 - German Institut of Global and Area Studies


 - Inter-American Development Bank


 - Real Instituto Elcano


 - The University of the West Indies



 - University of Salamanca