Science, Technology and Innovation

A strategic objective is the strengthening of the linkage of agendas and dialogue between governmental and non-governmental actors, think tanks and scientific institutions regarding the implementation of the Joint Initiative on Research and Innovation (JIRI), particularly on the Declaration emanating from its last meeting of senior officials (October, 2020) as it was also consigned in Chapter 1 of the EU-CELAC Action Plan (2015).

Another medium-term goal is the strengthening of bi-regional processes aimed at building and consolidating the Common Research Area based on enhanced cooperation in the mobility of researchers, research infrastructures, focused attention to global challenges, as well as innovation. The achievement of this goal would mean pursuing the following milestones on an annual basis:

  • Systematize and disseminate an updated document on the main existing cooperation schemes, programs and projects between the EU (through the European Commission) and LAC (e.g. Horizon Europe, Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, Erasmus +, Euroclima +, among others) (2021 );
  • Promote bi-regional training initiatives for scientific institutions in both regions regarding the management of research, digitization, teaching and learning (incl. E-learning and hybrid learning), internationalization and innovation (2022);
  • Facilitate the coordination of initiatives aimed at implementing the principle of open science and a system for the recognition of scientific merits, in order to promote the construction of a bi-regional academic community, the exchange of data and results of scientific research and thus promote innovation in research, as well as the formulation of evidence-based public policies (2023).