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What we do

The EU-LAC Foundation is active in all areas that form part of the bi-regional agenda. We specifically organise our activities around four interrelated work programmes:

1. Connect

Promotion of thematic networks and the interaction between bi-regional civil society and governments to foster the participation of civil society in the bi-regional partnership.

2. Explore

Analysis and research to identify new themes and areas of interest to the bi-regional partnership, as well as policy options with the aim of developing a joint global vision and shared strategy.

3. Venture

Dynamising the bi-regional partnership by proposing policies for investment with social and environmental quality and stimulating the competitiveness and productivity agendas to improve the international insertion of both regions.

4. Communicate

Connecting the media with the activities of the bi-regional partnership and increasing the participation of social actors to improve mutual understanding and the visibility of both regions and the bi-regional partnership itself.