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Towards bi-regional sustainable competitiveness

Purpose & Approach

Building bridges between economic actors in both regions.

  • Engaging with economic actors, governments and civil society in both regions through the organisation of working groups and multi-actor projects to reflect on possible ways to increase competitiveness and sustainability.
  • Enhancing cooperation and innovation for competitive territories.
  • Promoting socially and economically responsible and inclusive societies


Action Lines

Competitive territories and innovation

Since 2013 the Foundation has designed and launched pilot activities with a specific angle on sub-national territories. The organisation of economic actors al local level - clusters, smart specialisation, smart cities - is the very root of competitiveness of their territories and companies.

While acknowledging the role of policies and actions set at national and bi-regional levels the Foundation has chosen, based on its mandate, to approach economic actors – both public and private - for their role in the field.

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While working on parameters of competitiveness the Foundation seeks to propose an outlook on elements that will grant a long term growth to the bi-regional economy with maximum reciprocal benefits to both regions.

These parameters, or topics also seek to mitigate joint challenges such as Climate Change and employment.

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The activities under Venture are designed and implemented with the support of the Foundation's Strategic Partners.  They have reached all the member countries, and involve clusters and competitive districts, SMEs, universities, experts in territorial economic development and international cooperation. Partnerships have been established with several DGs of the European Commission, programmes, and international organisations such as IDB, CAF, EUROCHILE, EUROCHAMBRES, OECD, the International Trade Center, only to name a few. 

Under Venture the Foundation organises regular studies, seminars and workshops that have gathered over 2000 participants so far.