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Sustainable Development and Climate Change


Climate change is one of the priorities stated at the III EU-CELAC Summit, as well as in Chapter 2 of the Bi-regional Action Plan. It is also reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. 

The Foundation promotes meeting places for dialogue and reflection with baseline non-governmental players, enabling the inter-governmental process that seeks skilled responses to the challenges facing society in both regions to be enhanced and strengthened.

Promoting the work of analysis and knowledge of the bi-regional agenda allows the EU-LAC Foundation to transmit to intergovernmental bodies, proposals and suggestions on which they can take decisions. Sustainability requires a balance between economic performance, social inclusion and the preservation of the environment, especially to face up to the challenges of climate change.

Businesses have a crucial role to play in these three areas and Corporate Social Responsibility can help them establish rules and behaviours that favour their competitiveness, as well as to draw up standards for the business environment.

A study will be undertaken in 2019 focused on the "Analysis of the green bond markets in Latin America and the Caribbean and its comparison with European Union market”.