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- - Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

Sustainability requires a balance between economic performance, social inclusion and environmental preservation, particularly to address climate change challenges. Companies have a crucial role to play in these three areas and Corporate Social Responsibility can help them establishing rules and behaviours that guarantees their competitiveness while setting standards for the business environment.

VENTURE partnered with Forum Empresa, a well-established network of companies and organisations in Latin America, to establish a baseline of current practices from the main actors in this field and to propose paths for further cooperation between them as well as at the level of both regions.

A study was published that was disseminated during the 2015 EU-CELAC Business Summit. The results of the study were also shared with various stakeholders on occasion of specific events and webinars.


- - Vocational Education and Training - VET

With 22 Million young people who neither work nor study, Latin America and the Caribbean is depriving itself of valuable resources much needed to ensure its economic performance as well as better social integration.

Partnering in the TansFormación - Skills for Work initiative of the Inter American Development Bank, VENTURE brought European expertise and experience - such as that of CEDEFOP - into workshops realised in 8 countries in the region in 2014 and 2015.

A bi-regional-wide study will be conducted in 2016-2017 in order to determine where EU and CELAC countries could come together to improve professional training and the insertion of their youth in the economy. VENTURE plans to accompany the study with the formation of a working group that could already propose concrete actions in the short and medium terms, possibly under the form of pilot mechanisms in the Competitive Districts.