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As part of its activities to promote the debate on common strategies related to the EU-LAC bi-regional association, the Foundation carries out research and studies on issues identified by both regions.

These studies are published in this section of the web site, in order to encourage debate and promote exchange on best practices and specialised knowledge.

The publications are organised into the following series: Bi-Regional Economic Perspectives; Bi-Regional Relations; Conferences; Democracy Studies; ECLAC / EU-LAC Bi-Regional Outlook; EU-LAC Forum of Global Governance and Reflection Fora. The Foundation also publish a Newsletter that provides a multi-stakeholder space for dissemination of information on the topics on th bi-regional agenda; and encourages young researchers to work on EU-LAC  relations.

You can subscribe to updated information on the new studies published by the Foundation by registering in our contact list below. 


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    Mobility, Diversity, Inequality, Sustainability: Cross-cutting issues of cultural, scientific and social relations between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean

    diversity. It en- compasses diversity in terms of cultural norms, values, forms and practices of knowledge. ...

    BIRLE Peter, GÖBEL Barbara
    Published in:
    Germany, 6 October 2020
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    The potential of the Green Bond markets in Latin America and the Caribbean

    contact: Universidad EAFIT Since its creation in 1960, Universidad EAFIT, ...

    RESTREPO-OCHOA Diana Constanza, RESTREPO-CASTRO Luisa Fernanda, LOZADA Juan Manuel, AGUILERA Carlos Andrés, FRANCO Juan Felipe, PINELA Sara, COSTA Luis
    Published in:
    Germany, 2 October 2020
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    EU-LAC Webinars on COVID-19

    Germany 29 September 2020 en-online-version-buch-eu-lac-webinarios.pdf Bi-regional Relations EU-LAC ... organisations. GRAPHIC DESIGN: Juan Barrera PRINTING: Scharlau GmbH DOI: 10.12858/30092020EN The publication ...

    TIMM BAUER Andressa, THOMA Sophie, DURÁN CRUZ Diego, JEGER Ernesto, MELO Marcela
    Published in:
    Germany, 29 September 2020
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    Revisiting bi-regional relations: the EU-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation

    5 6 Table 1: Social Policies: Evolution of conceptual apporaches in LAC Privatisation model (80s) ... • New social actors: wom- en, children, young peo- ple, ethnic groups. Embedded in this general ... 7 01478&from=de 9 While this classification offers an analytical distinction between different ...

    ANSION Juan, CLEMENTE Isabel, FERNÁNDEZ Silvia, GRUBER Nicol, HAIDER Wolfgang LINDORFER Martina, MARICHAL Pablo, TAYAR Violetta, VARGAS Silvana
    Published in:
    Germany, 25 June 2020
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    Atlas of Industrial Geography of Colombia

    To access the Atlas: The Atlas of Industrial Geography of Colombia is the result of the second phase of the Industrial Maps of Latin America and the Caribbean (MIALC) project supported by the EU-LAC Foundation and co- ...

    DONATO Vicente, HAEDO Christian
    Published in:
    Germany, 28 June 2019
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    Why should the European Union have any relevance for Latin America and the Caribbean?

    Hamburg Germany 30 April 2019 why-should-eu-relevance-lac-en-web.pdf 1 Why should the European Union have ... TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH: Wendy J. Cross PRINTING: Scharlau GmbH DOI: 10.12858.0419EN This study was funded by ...

    SERBIN Andrés, SERBIN PONT Andrei
    Published in:
    Germany, 30 April 2019
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    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Objectives in the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean

    responsabilidad_social_y_objetivos_de_desarrollo_sostenible_en_ue_y_lac.pdf Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible en la Unión Europea, ... de la publicación está disponible en ... ://écnicas-planes-nacionales-de-acción-en-américa-latina-y- el-caribe-y-europa ...

    Kowszyk Yanina, CASTRO Martin, Maher Rajiv, GUIDOLIN Alessio
    Published in:
    Germany, 14 February 2019
  8. ipaper thumbnail

    Strengthening EU-LAC Cooperation: Sharing Experiences for Present and Future Developments (15 July 2018). 4 The BTI Index analyses the status of political and economic transformation ...

    Editors: Anne Laible, Anna Schwertz-Weirich, Marie-Claire Pfeiffer, Bianca Becca, Sigfried RJ Eisenmeier, EU-LAC Foundation.
    Published in:
    Germany, 24 October 2018
  9. ipaper thumbnail

    Case studies on Circular economy models and integration of Sustainable Development Goals in business strategies in the EU and LAC

    EU-LAC Foundation Fundación EU-LAC For more information see For more ... | TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH: Wendy J. Cross PRINTING: Scharlau GmbH DOI: 10.12858.1018EN Note: This ... ( was created with the aim of strengthening the links between the European Union, Latin America and ...

    Kowszyk Yanina, Maher Rajiv
    Published in:
    Germany, 15 October 2018
  10. ipaper thumbnail

    Good practices and innovations for the inclusion of young women in the labour market in Latin America, the Caribbean and the EU

    Relations Germany 10 October 2018 buenas_practicas_en.pdf Good practices and innovations for the inclusion ... DESIGN: Fuen Salgueiro / NÓRDIKA ESTUDIO PRINTING: Scharlau GmbH DOI: 10.12858/0918EN Note: This study has ...

    María Rosa Renzi (coord), Almachiara D´Angelo, Verónica Gutiérrez, Patrick Welsh
    Published in:
    Germany, 10 October 2018