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As part of its activities to promote the debate on common strategies related to the EU-LAC bi-regional association, the Foundation carries out research and studies on issues identified by both regions.

These studies are published in this section of the web site, in order to encourage debate and promote exchange on best practices and specialised knowledge.

The publications are organised into the following series: Bi-Regional Economic Perspectives; Bi-Regional Relations; Conferences; Democracy Studies; ECLAC / EU-LAC Bi-Regional Outlook; EU-LAC Forum of Global Governance and Reflection Fora. The Foundation also publish a Newsletter that provides a multi-stakeholder space for dissemination of information on the topics on th bi-regional agenda; and encourages young researchers to work on EU-LAC  relations.

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    The Importance of Ecuador’s participation in the Polos de Competitividad activity for the Bi-regional Integration Between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, by Juan Francisco Ballén

    National Strategy for Productive Matrix Change (EN-CMP), promoted by the national Government as part of the ... Economic Relations Guayaquil Ecuador 2 June 2015 JuanFranciscoBallén_EN trans.pdf     1     The  Importance ...   Matrix   Change   (EN-­‐‑CMP),   promoted  by  the  national  Government  as  part  of  the  National ...

    Juan Francisco Ballén
    Published in:
    Ecuador, 2 June 2015