The EU-LAC Foundation, following its mandate to foster the visibility of and promote debates on priority issues for the bi-regional agenda, organised a series of webinars to compare and share national and regional experiences on how to face the crisis related to COVID-19 and to discuss the challenges that it entails for bi-regional relations.

The webinars saw contributions from a group of experts from regional bodies, United Nations agencies, multilateral development banks, EU-LAC governments, academia, think thanks, media and non-governmental institutions from the regions of LAC and the EU. In the following section, both the video recording and the reports of these Webinars can be found.

- EU-LAC Webinar: 'Cultural Policies in Times of Digitisation: Experiences from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean', May 4, 2021 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'State of Democracy in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe', December 11, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Circular Economy in the COVID-19 Era: Challenges and Opportunities', November 24, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Latin America and the Caribbean and the future Horizon Europe program', November 23, 2020 (video)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Challenges and innovations to promote voluntary service in the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean in a post COVID-19 context', September 14, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Why should the European Union be relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean?', September 2, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Post-Pandemic Challenges for Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe', August 11, 2020 (video)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'How do we prepare for the gradual and selective exit from confinement at domestic work?', July 14, 2020 (video)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean relations in the face of COVID-19', July 9, 2020 (video)

- EU-LAC Webinar EU-LAC 'Tackling Climate Change in the era of COVID-19', June 29, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Pandemic & Infodemic: Experiences of journalists in the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean', June, 15, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Scientific Cooperation for the Management of Pandemics', May 25, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'A new Multilateralism in the COVID-19 era', May 18, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Challenges for Social Cohesion & Sustainable Development: Agenda 2030 after COVID-19', May 11, 2020 (video/report)

- EU-LAC Webinar 'Regional Organisations and EU-CELAC Association facing COVID-19', April 27, 2020 (video/report)