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PERÚ RESPONSABLE - National Porgramme for the promotion of the RSE


Peru Responsable is a Program of the Peruvian State created with the aim of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility that generates decent employment through the implementation of the following lines of action:

  • Promotion of CSR Culture: in which the aim is to democratize CSR through an alliance with large, small, medium and micro enterprises; universities, NGOs, organized civil society, central, regional or local governments; citizens; through training, technical assistance, awareness workshops, among others.
  • Promotion of CSR Practice: in which the aim is to develop CSR initiatives and/or projects that generate employment, employability or entrepreneurship, encouraging the participation of other State, business and academic entities.
  • Register of Socially Responsible Companies: seeks to make visible CSR projects that have generated an impact on the generation of employment, employability and entrepreneurship within the framework of the sector's strategic objectives and how these also contribute to the Sustainable Development Objectives of Agenda 2030. In addition, the National Directory of Companies with Sustainability Reports has been created in order to centralize and make visible how companies are making their management transparent in the economic, social and environmental aspects.
  • Responsible Peru Certification: seeks to accredit companies that have implemented the objectives of the Program.
Geographical level National
Location LA
Country Peru
Type of organisation Business Cameras
Area of interest Corporate Social Responsibility
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