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European Community

First EU-Mexico civil society dialogue forum, Brussels 26 November 2002. Bridging civil society in Europe and Mexico: a new step in EU-Mexican relations

European Commission
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As the European Union and Mexico signed an ambitious agreement (1) (global agreement) in 2000, a growing
concern in both the EU and Mexico was the importance of involving civil society in the ongoing dialogue to
support ‘participative’ democracy. Taking into account the concerns of many civil society groups on both
sides of the Atlantic, the EU and Mexico agreed to a forum in 2002 that would bring together representatives
from the Mexican government, the European Commission and European and Mexican civil society.
As civil society dialogue is not explicitly foreseen in the global agreement, the event signified a unique
opportunity for civil society to outline conclusions and constructive proposals that allow for the strengthening
of relations between the EU and Mexico with the full participation of societies at large. It was also an
opportunity for the EU and Mexico to underline their mutual support for engagement in dialogue with civil
This publication is intended to:
• provide the background to the event;
• set out a summary of the different opinions expressed at the forum itself in order to act as a point of
reference for the future development of bilateral relations and civil society’s participation within them.


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