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Armed Conflicts

The Importance of the Peace Process for Colombia’s International Position

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n.21, pp.1-2.
The peace process with the largest guerrilla groups in Colombia is one of the main challenges in its domestic politics. It also has become an important tool to strengthen the country’s international status and ties with foreign partners, which support the process. In this group, the UN plays a prominent role through verification of the peace talks and the results. Since it is a regular issue on the UN Security Council (UNSC) agenda, it provides Poland, a non-permanent member, the opportunity to enhance the Polish-Colombian political dialogue and makes it more attractive as a European partner for Latin American countries.

Implementation of Colombia's peace agreement

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2 p.
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In the year since the signature of the new final peace agreement on 24 November 2016, the peace process in Colombia has not progressed smoothly. Although the disarmament of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and its transformation into a political party, as well as the reduction in violence associated with the conflict, have been a success, aspects such as reintegrating FARC members into civilian life, legal implementation, and rural reform are lagging behind. This is likely to influence the country's presidential and legislative elections due to be held in 2018.
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