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The EU-LAC Foundation is a platform for the deepening economic, social and political links between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. Its four pillars – Connect, Explore, Venture and Communicate – offer various venues for establishing and maintaining bonds between governments, civil societies and the Third Sector. These four pillars are interrelated, for they cover different, yet often overlapping, aspects of bi-regional cooperation and integration.

Explore reaches out to the public through its biannual Open Call for Research Projects. Projects proposed under the Open Call should explore issues of interest to the partnership between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. We also launch sporadic calls for papers on specific topics; so stay tuned to learn more! Finally, in its commitment to engaging civil society from both regions, Explore also organizes multi-stakeholder seminars and online forums on particular topics as well as reflection processes on the future of bi-regional relations. 

Venture promotes bi-regional economic growth by engaging with the relevant actors and organizations through studies and events. The main focus of the programme is on territories, competitiveness, particularly that of SMEs, and sustainability. 

Connect is responsible for engaging civil societies of both regions in the progressive bi-regional integration of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean. It seeks to bridge the gaps between civil society organizations and connect on-going projects on both regions for the creation of a network of networks. To do so, Connect organizes different fora in the opening of spaces for academic and entrepreneurial exchange between regions.

In addition, Connect is forging networks with mass media outlets, youth and addresses gender-related issues for their consolidation in a bi-regional agenda. An essential element of Connect is the project denominated MAPEO. MAPEO is a database that seeks to identify and compile organizations that work along the lines of bi-regional partnerships. If you wish to add your organization to our list, use the contact form to send us a message writing MAPEO in the subject line.

Communicate extends the Foundation’s outreach in four ways: through the publication of its trimestral newsletter, the online event calendar, the photo contest and the EU-LAC Awards.

The Newsletter offers both a space for scholars to dissiminate academic papers for a better understanding of the bi-regional relations and to present news and opinion articles on the progressive interaction between regions. Young researchers may also contribute to the Newsletter through the selection of their degree’s thesis (B.A., M.A. and/or PhD) or other reviewed academic paper exploring any aspect of the EU-LAC Foundation’s impact areas. If you feel that your paper fulfils these criteria and would like it disseminated via our newsletter, please send an email to stating Newsletter in the subject filed.

Additionally, Communicate offers a Calendar where events of interest for bi-regional interaction are announced. Anyone who wishes to announce an event on the calendar may do so. Please use the contact form stating Calendar in the subject field if you want to post your event on our calendar.

The photo contest aims at addressing how people experience bi-regional relations in their day-to-day life. Social interactions, family bonds and other experiences also contribute to the understanding between regions, cultures and societies. For this reason we call for photos that portray how you experience the contact between worlds.

The EU-LAC Awards call for applications from governmental institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector who promote shared knowledge, visibility and good environmental and institutional practices between regions.

Although each program presents its own way to connect with governmental institutions and civil society organizations, all programs organize events to promote the development of bi-regional relations. To know more about upcoming events, click here.

If you are keen to know how you can work or intern with us, click here to see our job/internship vacancies.