Higher Education

The construction of the EU-CELAC Common Area of Higher Education is one of the goals set by the Heads of State and Government to strengthen the bi-regional partnership, also contained in Chapter 9 of the EU-CELAC Action Plan (2015). In turn, the ministerial declarations which followed (2016 and 2018) reflect the need to contribute to the Higher Education Area through dialogue and cooperation between bi-regional academic actors.

Thus, the Foundation has set itself the medium-term strategic goal of promoting and facilitating spaces for bi-regional dialogue, particularly with the national higher education authorities of both regions, as indicated in objective 2.1 of the Matrix of Objectives and Strategic Lines presented during the last Board of Directors' Meeting. The achievement of this goal implies reaching the following milestones on an annual basis:

  • The articulation of networks of partners and national counterparts for the creation of a bi- regional scientific community node (2021);
  • To configure a bi-regional space for political dialogue on higher education (2022);
  • In alliance with other institutions in both regions, promote a central information platform for bi-regional projects and initiatives in Higher Education (2023).