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EU-LAC Foundation Academic Council

The Foundation is supported by an independent Academic Council constituted by five distinguished experts from Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union. Currently, the following scientists support the Foundation’s research activities on a pro bono basis:


Maria Herminia Brandão Tavares de Almeida

Maria Herminia Brandão Tavares de Almeida is Professor at the Department of Political Science and Director of the Institute of International Relations in the University of São Paulo (USP). As a political scientist, she has gathered extensive experience in the areas of public policy and political institutions, specialising mainly in federalism and social policies.


Andrés Malamud

Andrés Malamud is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon. His research interests include political institutions, regional integration, foreign policy, and interregional dynamics between Europe, Africa and the Americas. He has published widely in these fields.


Debbie Mohammed

Debbie Mohammed is an international relations specialist and teaches International Trade at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus. Her research interests include the competitiveness of the CARICOM, trade, economic integration issues, Small States and development, CARICOM diplomacy and CARICOM migration.


Fabian Novak

Fabian Novak is Professor of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Director of the University's Institute for International Studies. In 2014, he was appointed President of the Inter-American Juridical Committee of the Organisation of American States (OAS). His research focuses on international law and the external relations of Peru, especially with the EU and its Member States.    


Laurence Whitehead

Laurence Whitehead is Official Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford University and Director of the Mexican Studies Programme. As a political scientist, his research interests include the relationship between Latin America and the USA and Europe, as well as current processes of democratisation. He has published widely in these fields.


Please find the Regulations of the Academic Council here.