Essay Contest

The EU-LAC Foundation is pleased to announce the winners in the framework of the 1st EU-LAC Essay Competition on the Bi-regional Partnership:

  • 1st Place: 'Relations between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of the pandemic: between the past and the future’

by María Victoria Álvarez from the National University of Rosario

  • 2nd Place: 'The new bi-regional integration of Latin America and the Caribbean in the times of the COVID-19'

by Ana Lucía Vidaurre Valdivia and Rodrigo Burgoa Terceros of the Socioeconomic Research Institute of the Bolivian Catholic University

  • 3rd Place: 'Challenges and opportunities of the health crisis: the European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean bi-regional strategic partnership'

by Bahía Agustina Gatti and Valentina Testa of the Siglo 21 University/Argentinean Youth Organisation for the United Nations


We would like to thank the numerous people from both regions who participated in the contest, as well as to the prestigious experts who comprised the final evaluation panel:

  • Dr Merike Blofield, Director of the Institute for Latin American Studies, German Institute for Global and Regional Studies (GIGA)
  • Dr Elsa Llenderozas, Director of the Political Science Department, University of Buenos Aires.

The EU-LAC Foundation together with the panelists have also determined to give an Honourable Mention to the following participants and essays:

  • 'Scientific, Technological and Innovative Diplomacy between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean: a bridge of connection’

by Débora Jael Salamanca Chávez

  • 'Hybrid interregionalism Post-Revisited: What Next for EU-LAC Relations in the Post-COVID-19 World? EU-Brazil, EU-Mexico, EU-Chile’

by Jennifer S. Nicole Faber and Juan Carlos Aguirre Avaria

  • 'Post-Pandemic Multilateralism: New Strategies to bring the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean Closer Together: The Case of the Alliance for Multilateralism’

by Lucía Rodríguez Torresi

  • 'Everybody wants to rule the world? The COVID-19 crisis and the bilateral opportunities between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean’

by Xenia Gracia Mejía Chupillón

The awarded essays will be published in a book by the EU-LAC Foundation in 2021 and there will be a presentation ceremony at a venue and date to be determined.



About the EU-LAC Bi-regional Partnership Essay Contest

The main purpose of the competition is to receive essays on topics of relevance to the bi-regional partnership, especially academic papers aimed at increasing visibility and promoting mutual knowledge.

For the first edition, the chosen theme was 'The new multilateralism in the era of COVID-19 from the perspective of European Union-Latin America and Caribbean relations'.