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A window to the Strategic Partnership

This programme corresponds to the very essence of the Foundation: making information an efficient tool for building a participative association between the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Communicate programme aims at boosting simultaneously a working agenda of mutual interest and of profound social significance.   

The main objectives of Communicate are:

Provide visibility to the EU-LAC strategic partnership and the EU-LAC Foundation.

Revitalise the bi-regional agenda through the difusion of information and the participation in thematic forums of mutual interest - priorising aspects of greatest impact such as Climate Change, Higher Education and Professional training, Sustainable Development, Gender and SMEs. 

Promote mutual knowledge through culture, supporting the rich and diverse artistic community of both regions. 

Working areas:

Communicate´s working areas comprehend all the areas that are potentially fertile ground for the promotion of civil society´s participation in the bi-regional association, and that foster awareness and recognition of the benefits resulting from the latter. In this regards, the Communicate programme organises and coordinates activities in the following areas: