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Sustainable and inclusive cities, a common challenge for Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

Wednesday June 05, 2019
Paris, France

Presentation of the Publication: "Sustainable and inclusive cities, a common challenge for Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean"

Due to the high level of urbanisation in Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe (in Latin America in particular, the urban population is already 80%), the future of societies in these two regions will be determined to a large extent by the type of development that will be achieved in the cities. We know that the issue of environmental sustainability has become more relevant. Although much remains to be done in this area (on topics as sensitive as air quality or the impacts of climate change), we can consider that significant progress has already been realised in many cities. The theme is a priority and is generating more and more forums and reflections around the world, integrating a growing number of actors from different horizons, which is encouraging. On the other hand, the problem of social inclusion, that is, the social side of the sustainable city, is often less discussed. However, in order to achieve a viable transition of cities towards greater sustainability, “without leaving anyone behind”, as proposed by the New Urban Agenda adopted in Quito by the United Nations just two years ago, we know that progress will have to be made both socially and in the ecological and economic dimensions.

This book goes further on these themes along with others that emerged during the 2018 colloquium as key elements for the construction of sustainable cities that are also inclusive and that generate opportunities for all.