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Seminar “Emigrant policies in the Caribbean and Central America: Migration at the crossroads between Europe and Latin America”

Tuesday January 14, 2020 to Wednesday January 15, 2020
St Johns, Antigua

Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean are regions with rich and complex migration histories, marked by moments in which immigration, emigration or transit migration have been paramount, but never fully ruled out each other. This is the case until today. 

This event will be a two-days conference in the form of panel discussions. Each panel will be dedicated to a specific topic and will have the participation and presentations of experts from the EU, LA and the Caribbean, maintaining a balance as it relates to approaches (theoretical-practical), geographical representation and the presence of women.


This seminar will aim to:

  • Highlight the chances for broadening learning possibilities across the EU and LAC 
  • Spotlight how learning about good practices in the field of emigrant policies  may lower the costs of integration for individual emigrants, but also for sending and receiving states.
  • Compare and discuss emigrant policies that may provide useful parameters for sending countries to improve their policies in this area and offer venues for collaboration with receiving states.
  • Bring together a diverse composition of professional perspectives (mainly policymakers, stakeholders as well as academics from different disciplinary perspectives) from both the EU and LAC to look beyond “migrant flows between the regions” into the policies that make it possible to develop fruitful connections between states of origin and their emigrants.

Date: 14th and 15th of January 2020

Place: UWI Five Islands Campus - St Johns, Antigua