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LACalytics 2018 Conference

Saturday October 20, 2018 to Wednesday October 24, 2018
Hamburg, Germany

The LACalytics 2018 Conference is aimed at facilitating interregional cooperation among students and young professionals from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the field of international relations.

Out of 260 applications received from over 40 countries, 23 teams have been matched - every team consisting of one author from Europe and one from the LAC-region – to write policy papers on current bi-regional challenges. The authors of the best articles have been selected to participate in the LACalytics  conference 2018.

During the conference, the selected authors will participate in workshops and visit political, academic, and civil-society institutions in Hamburg. The participants will have the chance to discuss their articles and directly engage with relevant stakeholders from the EU-LAC relations, thereby deepening and widening their analyses of the challenges as well as opportunities for improved collaboration between the two regions.

The LACalytics-programme is organised by  IFAIR IFAIR (Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations), a group of students and young professionals aiming at making young people a part of global politics. LACalytics conference is co-funded by the EU-LAC Foundation and the German Federal Foreign Office.

The conference will take place between October 20th  and 24th. However, the only event open to the public will be held on October, 23 at the Reimarus-Saal - Haus der Patriotischen Gesellschaft, Trostbrücke 4-6 (Hamburgo), at 18.30h.

For further information on the public event, please visit the official webpage