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International Conference resources, development and inequalities in rural territories

Tuesday June 04, 2019 to Wednesday June 05, 2019

In a world marked by increasing urbanization, rural and agricultural areas play a key role, due to specific natural resources (water, soil, subsoil, biodiversity), in the production of agricultural goods, food and energy products. They are also very important as spaces for settlement, recreation, tourism or for the preservation of heritage, as well as for the environment in general.

Whether in Europe or in Latin America, these functions involve a wide variety of actors whose relationships with rural areas, and whose ability to access resources and investment, often vary enormously. These asymmetries and inequalities can be the source of important tensions within the territories themselves. This is particularly the case in the Andean or semi-arid regions and in agricultural border areas, which are affected by great transformations with multiple pressures. The sustainable development of rural areas, essential for their sustainability and habitability, inevitably involves the implementation of democratic processes of integrated management to combine conservation, economic competitiveness and access to resources, accepted by all stakeholders. The aim of this conference will be to show how coordinating these three issues is one of the keys to sustainability and democracy.