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ELANBiz Mission with Baltic States to Chile and Costa Rica

Monday April 09, 2018 to Friday April 13, 2018
Chile and Costa Rica

A business delegation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) firms and officials from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will visit Chile and Costa Rica in April 9th-13th. This trip is organized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the three Baltic states, with the support of the EU-LAC Foundation and the ELANBiz project funded by the European Commission.

This trade mission is a follow-up activity of the market study of the ICT sectors in Chile and Costa Rica that ELANBiz carried out in 2017 for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the three Baltic States. ELANBiz is implementing a specific strategy to support companies from EU Member States with “limited trade representation” in Latin America.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania stand out in the development of ICT sectors in the EU, and their companies are increasingly interested in developing trade and investments with the Latin American countries. It is expected that as a result of these activities, the Baltic ICT firms will have a better understanding of the business opportunities and the market access conditions in Chile and Costa Rica. Chilean and Costa Rican companies would also benefit of establishing new business links with Baltic firms and having access to state-of-the-art technologies.

Chile has he third most developed ICT sector in all of South America (behind Uruguay and Argentina), and Costa Rica has the most progressive ICT sector amongst Central American countries. The ICT development index rank is almost the same in these two countries (56th and 57th out of 175 countries).

During their visit, the participants will have the opportunity to meet with Government representatives, clusters and trade associations, as well as discuss business opportunities with ICT companies from Chile and Costa Rica. The ELANBiz team will set up the meetings for the business delegation and provide the participants with relevant information about the ICT sector and how to do business in these two countries.