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EU-LAC Awards

II EU-LAC Awards 
for Journalism and Citizens
’ Initiatives

The EU-LAC Awards are organised by the EU-LAC Foundation with the aim of promoting visibility, mutual knowledge of models of good practices and innovation among Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The EU-LAC Awards are presented every two years and in this edition consist of two categories: Young Journalists and Citizens' Initiatives.

The 1st EU-LAC Awards have been handed-over to the categories of Public Administration and Citizens' Initiative, that recognised two outstanding examples of the cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), in the framework of the II EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels (June 2015).

The winner of the Citizens' Initiative Award was TECHO, a civil society organisation that provides temporary housing to marginalised groups in Latin America, with offices in 19 LAC countries. The winning project was led in partnership with EcoHouse, a student organisation based at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The Public Administration category award was attributed to “FALFRA System” of the Spanish Agency for Drugs and Health Products of the Ministry of Health, Social Security and Equality. The FALFRA System is an online system for the exchange of information and alerts on counterfeit and fraudulent medicines in Latin America that involves sanitary authorities from 19 Latin American and two European countries.

2nd EU-LAC Awards

The second edition of the EU-LAC Awards consist of two categories: Young Journalism and Citizens' Initiative. A detailed description of each category and its definition is presented further below.

The Entries for the Awards in each category must show a significant relevance for the bi-regional relationship between the European Union and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The nominated projects and publications must either have been implemented during the calendar year 2016 in at least one of the regions.

The applications for the Awards shall be adequately documented and should thoroughly explain the manner in which they fulfill the established criteria for the respective award.

Requirements and conditions for entry´s submission

Timeline for the 2017 EU-LAC Awards

  • Entry process Opens: 28 June 2017
  • Deadline: 24:00 hr (GMT+1) on 21st August 2017
  • Judging Process:  August/September 2017
  • Winners are notified and announced: December 2017
  • Award Ceremony: Due to the changes on the bi-regional  the CELAC-EU Summit has been postponed. The date and place will be announced in due course. 

Categories of Awards

1) EU-LAC Award for Young Journalists

The Award for Young Journalists will be attributed to young journalists or aspiring journalists, aged between 20 and 32. We are looking for candidates with a lively writing style and good analytical skills. Affiliation to a media outlet is not a precondition. Bloggers and social media active users are welcome to participate. This Award aims to encourage young journalists to analyse and report about the bi-regional relations between EU and Latin American and the Caribbean and bring it closer to the citizens.

Application: Candidates shall submit an original 800-word article covering one or more of these aspects:

  • The role of the EU-LAC Foundation as a platform to project people-to-people ties between the two regions into the future
  • The bi-regional relations between the EU, Latin American and the Caribbean. What do they mean for you?
  • Concrete examples of bi-regional cooperation between EU and CELAC partners and proposals for new initiatives

The original article must be submitted in English and/or Spanish. The application for this category must be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae (CV), motivation letter and proof of citizenship from any of the 61 Member countries of the Foundation.

Prize: There are two awards on offer under the EU-LAC Award for Young Journalists. One for a CELAC citizen applicant and another for a EU citizen, which consist of the article publication by the EU-LAC Foundation’s and possibly in a European and/or Latin American and/or Caribbean media outlet. Both winners will receive a fully paid return economy class flight and accommodation for the awards ceremony in El Salvador.

Apply here for EU-LAC Award for Young Journalists: The application period is closed.

2) EU-LAC Award for Citizens' Initiative

The Award for Citizens' Initiative will be given to projects that originate from civil society. These should be projects that show motivation and ambition of working for the benefit of the community whilst adopting a responsible approach that seeks to ensure and commit to improve the quality of life for others.

The EU-LAC Award for Citizens' Initiative seeks to identify projects that foster social transformation and development. The Award encourages citizens and institutions implementing projects focused on social transformation to present their initiatives. Some examples of relevant social issues could be: gender equality, youth participation, non-discrimination, social equality, access to health and education, social integration, sustainability, among others. This list of topics is just illustrative and not exclusive.

Nominated projects shall be applicable to the contexts of both regions, so as to promote and foster cooperation between the societies of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and must have the following required characteristics:

  • Relevance: the project must be relevant for the bi-regional relationship and have important impact for the societies where they were performed. All entries must be accompanied by a motivation statement.
  • Bi-regional characteristic: The project has to entail cooperation or joint actions among European and Latin American and the Caribbean countries.
  • Geographical aspects: The project must have been in place in at least one of the two regions.
  • Replicability potential: Special importance will be given to the project´s potential to be replicated in other countries of any of the two regions.
  • Timeframe: The project must be an ongoing project or a project that has been implemented during the 2016 calendar year.
  • Geographical scope: The project must have been implemented in at least one of the two regions.

Nominations: For the EU-LAC Award for Citizens' Initiative, applications may be submitted by communities as well as local, regional or national governments, by civil society organisations or by duly accredited collectives of social actors.

Application: The application of this category must be accompanied by a presentation of the organisation and any supporting documents that contribute to explaining the manner in which it fulfils the established criteria for this Award.

Award: As this category seeks to promote and motivate the great efforts of giving back to the broader Community, the EU-LAC Award for Citizens' Initiative will consist of a financial contribution of €12,000.00 to fund material to continue implementing and developing further the project.

A second prize of €3,000.00 will be awarded to the best-classified initiative of the other partner region of the winner to fund material to continue implementing and developing further the project.

Apply here for EU-LAC Award for Citizens' Initiative  . The application period is closed.

General Eligibility Requirements

Language: applications to the EU-LAC Awards must be sent in English or Spanish. An entry in other EU and Latin American and Caribbean language is eligible provided that it is accompanied by a translation in either of the two languages mentioned above. May you encounter difficulties with the provision by the translation please contact us.

Geographical aspects: The candidate, in the case of the Award for journalism, and the project, for the case of Citizens' Initiative, must be a national/original from at least one of the 61 Member countries of the EU-LAC Foundation.



In case of technical difficulties, sent to our postal address at:

EU-LAC Awards
c/o EU-LAC Foundation
Hagedornstr. 22
20149 Hamburg

Entries received either through online application or by post, after the 21st of August 2017 will not be considered. All applications sent by post must be accompanied by an entry form, which will be available from the 28 of June 2017. Please note that the EU-LAC Foundation will not be able to return any material sent.

Jury and Selection Criteria

The Entries will be judged by a panel of four independent judges selected among personalities from EU and CELAC countries.

The selection in principle will be completed in December.

The Foundation reserves the right to withdraw an entry from the judging process at any time if the respective entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

The Jury´s decision will be taken on a majority basis. Should there be a tie among participants, the Executive Director of the Foundation will have a last and final vote.

The Jury´s decision is final and binding and no discussions or correspondence will be accepted relating to any of their decisions.

Further details of the jury composition will be announced in due course.


The EU-LAC Awards Ceremony 2017 will be chaired by High Level representatives of the two regions and will be presented by the President and/or the Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation. The winners of each of the two categories will receive a fully paid economy class flight, plus accommodation in order to attend the ceremony.

Details of the date and venue will be announced in due course.

Note: The Foundation will not be responsible for ensuring that entry requirements, including without limitation, being in possession of a valid passport and obtaining any visa that may be required. In addition the winners will bear all other expenses incurred on the trip, including without limitation: any necessary vaccinations, insurance and unlisted transfers, phone calls and other services within the accommodation and any shopping and meal expenses.


The EU-LAC Foundation reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the Awards without previous notice.

Participants are allowed to submit only one application for each category of the EU-LAC Awards.

Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.


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