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  • Summit Dossier

    Surrounding the I EU-CELAC Summit in Santiago de Chile, a series of events 

    took place over the last months to provide input for the Summit of Heads of 

    State and Government. The EU-LAC Foundation has compiled a dossier 

    of the resulting documents.  

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    Summit Dossier
  • What we do

    The EU-LAC Foundation organises its activities around four interrelated work programmes: 

    checlCONNECT: Effective and visible participation of civil society.

    checl EXPLORE: Developing a joint and evolving global vision and shared strategy.

    checl VENTURE: Dynamising the bi-regional partnership.

    checlCOMMUNICATE: Providing visibility and understanding of the EU-LAC Partnership.

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    What we do
  • Mission

    checl Connecting the intergovernmental process with the business, academic, and social sector, as well as, in a broad and general manner, the civil society of both regions.

    checl Promoting the development of a joint and evolving global vision and a shared strategy in both regions.

    checl Dynamising the bi-regional strategic partnership by giving impulses to the formulation and implementation of policies and agendas.

    checl Disseminating knowledge to improve the mutual understanding and visibility of both regions and the bi-regional partnership itself.

  • Vision

    Our aspiration is for the economic and socio-cultural partnership between the countries of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean to reach a sustainable dynamism, built upon the achievement of mutual benefits for the societies of both regions, with common values such as:

    checl Democracy and the rule of law.

    checl Respect for personal dignity and rights.

    checl Tolerance.

    checl Inclusive and cohesive societies.

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Second Semester 2014 Open Call for Research Projects Now Open

We are pleased to announce the opening of the call for proposals for the Second Semester 2014 Edition of the Open Call for Research Projects.

LAC week in France: Sustainable cities, intelligent cities


Jean-Marc Pastor,opened the forum "Sustainable Cities: Intelligent Cities:Perspectives from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean" event held on May 28 in Paris organised by the Strategic partners EU-LAC Foundation and the Institut des Amériques with the support of other organisations.

The Foundation, represented by its president, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, and its executive director, Jorge Valdez, thereby reinforcing the strategic partnership with the Institut des Ameriques, an institutions with a long history of support for the pursuit of policies and measures that could improve life in the cities, make them cleaner and more inclusive for all their citizens.

Latin America, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe: Lights and shades of a friendly but a distant relationship

The relationship between Latin America, the Caribbean and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe has intensified during the last years, but it still remains well below the desirable potential of exchange between regions that share values, political experiences and pursue growth for attenuating social inequalities.

That is the conclusion of the study “Latin America, the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe: Potential for Economic Exchange”, presented on the 12th of May in Warsaw, followed by a seminar on the 13th, where the possibilities for cooperation were discussed.

EU-LAC Foundation's initiatives for Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw


The EU-LAC Foundation launched study at the University of Warsaw with the support of CESLA on 12 of May, and co-organized together with PISM seminar  “Latin America & the Caribbean – Central & Eastern Europe: Exploring Possibilities for Cooperation” on 13 of May 2014.

Report on Data Gaps on Gender Equality

The EU-LAC Foundation and its partners launch conclusions of online forum on Data Gaps on Gender Equality.

Preparatory Seminar for the 2nd EU-LAC Academic Summit

The Preparatory Seminar for the 2nd EU-LAC Academic Summit organised by the Institute of Latin-American Studies at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Education, will be held between 26th and 27th May 2014 in Bucharest. 

Preparatory Seminar of the 2nd Academic Summit EU-LAC: Bucharest, another step towards the common area of higher education


The importance of strengthening the links between universities, researchand company, and the need to develop a system of accreditation and homologation of studies between the European Union, Latin America and Caribbean again became evident during the seminar held during 26th and 27th May in Romania, as part of the process of preparing for the II bi-regional Academic Summit next year in Belgium.

3rd Meeting Strategic Triangle “Latin America – Europe – Africa”: Latin America, a partner for overcoming the crisis

A “strategic triangle” formed by Africa, Latin America and Europe. This is the alliance proposed by the Portuguese non-profit association Latin America Development Institute (IPDAL) that hosted on 7th April in Lisbon an international forum to discuss about an alliance that, if it becomes a reality, would allow the European Union to counter the growing influence of China in the respective regions.


Open Call First Semester 2014: Academic Council Decision

We are pleased to announce that the Academic Council of the EU-LAC Foundation made a decision on the winner of the First Semester 2014 edition of the Open Call for Research Projects.

The selected project, entitled “The Protection of Democracy in Regional Integration Organisations in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean”, was proposed by a group of researchers of the European University Institute (Italy), the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), and FLACSO Argentina.

The winning application was chosen by the Foundation’s independent Academic Council, consisting of eminent experts from the fields of EU-LAC relations, European, Latin American and Caribbean Economics, and Political Science.


The next Open Call Edition will open at the end of June and closes on 30 September 2014.

Reflection Forum: “Latin America and the Caribbean in a Context of Change: Opportunities and Challenges for the EU”

About one hundred academics, politicians and the diplomatic corps gathered on March 6 to discuss, under the auspices of the EU-LAC Foundation and the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB) on “Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of changes: Opportunities and challenges for the EU.” The forum, held at the Representation of the city-state of Hamburg in Berlin, was inaugurated by the President of the EU-LAC Foundation, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, and counted with Enrique Iglesias, the Ibero-American Secretary, as a guest of honour. The interventions of Ferrero-Waldner and Iglesias were preceded by welcoming remarks of the Secretary of State of the Senate of Hamburg, Wolfgang Schmidt, and the Secretary of State of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stephan Steinlein.

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